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Persuasion | Judy Chopra Consulting

You can have professional communications.

Whenever you need them. Welcome to the world of persuasion and influence: using creative communications to add value. I've worked in every area of this field, and I can supply the communications skills you need from large-scale consulting to fast-turn-around writing and editing.

My words and pictures grip readers. My copy and creative sell the product. My brand work builds loyalty. When we work together, we measure and evaluate everything I do to make sure it works for you.

Judith Chopra Consulting--just me or me collaborating with a network of professionals I call on for special skills to meet the needs of clients. You can find my resume on LinkedIn, here: Judith Chopra at LinkedIN

There's lots of professional background there, but in case you want to know a little about the person behind the work, a few points. For example, I am a mad gardener--hence the language of flowers in the labels below and photos throughout this site. Gardening is a lot like writing: intricate knowledge and careful editing are at the heart of both. Love of grace and elegance makes both a pleasure to work at--and often frustrating as well because it won't be perfect, so you learn to breathe. 

Gardening is creative, patient work and calls for attention to detail as well as keen listening.  I'm with William Morris on this work--it must be beautiful as well as useful. 








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