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Issues management

When the unexpected happens, knowing how to handle a crisis and having the resources to keep people informed makes the difference between a tiny incident and a media mess. From preparation to action plans and support, experience and training, I can help your company be ready for the unexpected. Click here.



Community relations

How’s your reputation today? Don’t have one? Out of control? They say it takes decades to build reputation and minutes to lose. Public relations is all about building reputation—real trust—in your name by making friends in the community. I can help with that. Let’s talk. Click here.


Developing the Clarica Community Resource Centre was a rewarding project for the company, its staff team and the neighbours who worked with us to break an impass on the fate of houses that were slated for demolition on the block next to company headquarters. At the end of the day, Clarica saved 10 of the 26 houses for rent-free charity programs, created a parking lot that won the Communities in Bloom award, and cemented its reputation in Waterloo Region as a company that could be relied upon to do the right thing.






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