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Build the relationship first!

Fun and fast-paced, helping the media do their job while ensuring you or your company or issue gets a fair hearing is great work for a writer/communicator who enjoys people. My work is building the relationships and confidence with beat media by giving them real stories in a timely way. In my experience, good reporters will take the time to understand the story and tell it carefully; because they want to maintain their relationships. It’s just give and take—but it doesn’t start at the last minute.

Some people who do media relations are “adrenaline junkies”—they like the thrill of the deadline and the edge of the argument. That's not my style. I like a plan, a relationship, and time for everyone to focus and breathe. It brings the volume down and lets the facts get through. What do you think? Click here.

When you really get it right, the words you give the Minister to say in the news release and his speech go over the masthead in the day's newspaper. That's one way to measure success in media relations: when your messages are picked up!
Guaranteed Investment Funds launched in 1997 with a cross-Canada tour, two Olympic athletes and a highly skilled event planner. It was also a ground-breaking product. Message: if you want coverage, do something different.  



Beat reporters need fast, accurate information. If you provide it in clear language, on time, the first time, it will pay off.







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