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Web Content

As the times have changed, so has my skill set. In the past three years I have created content and edited

large websites, as well as building style guides and influencing design parameters. The web never rests,

and once you have a site, you have to feed it. If yours is hungry, Click here. 






kidsLINK/NDSA  A brand-new website: written and developed to be branded and friendly to the community,

now written and managed by staff. 







McMaster University Website: my task was to introduce a new design and feel for the original  site,

including bringing the new look to all faculties and departments across campus. I rewrote,

supervised photography for and edited 400 pages of the central site. 

















Copy editing books, magazines and websites, academic papers,

law books....

It all started at the University of Toronto, where I had a summer job with a professor.
One day he handed me a batch graduate student papers to be published and said: “Can you do something

with these; I think your English is better than mine.”  I’ve been making the complex clear ever since.




Feature articles

Always grist for a research-hungry, story and people-loving dilettante like me, feature articles make my day,

and your readers' days.

Click to read entire Landfall article [pdf]























When I’ve had chance to listen to my speaker, I can pick upthe speaking pattern and channel

their vocabulary and voice.  Cue the weird psychic noises, I know. But really, with some guidance

about your audience and the impact you want to have, I’m off!

For me, speechwriting is like writing music—making sound and story grip an audience with meaning.  

How do you want your next audience to react to your words?



Ghost Writing

Ghost writing: weblogs, their very nature, not pieces I can show you samples of, but you can see my own web copy right on this site and my first book below. Please comment!  Click here.




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