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I have a confession: I'm a brand evangelist

I began learning about brand work at Manulife Financial, fell deeply into the process working on the Mutual Life transformation into Clarica. More recently, I championed post-secondary brand development—same concept in a whole different arena. All of these experiences made me certain that if leaders are really committed to the concept, branding can be invigorating.

The biggest misconception everywhere is that branding happens to things that go on outside the company. Most people think the marketing department goes to work on logos and ads and then there's a brand.

When branding really works though, it starts inside and works its way outside, building on the values of the people and the goals of the organization. When people display positive values in service and their values show in the way they treat one another, great creative and advertising are easy. It’s magic when it works. If you’d like to try some here.



Here are samples of work done for the McMaster brand. At left, the redesign of the website, and at right, On Brand e-newsletter for designers across campus highlighted the best branded work every quarter. Designers loved the recognition and the brand team loved the brand alignment!

McMaster website redesign








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