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Thursday Jan. 5, 2012

Social media in 2012

There's a good piece in this morning's Globe about how vital use of social media is going to be for PR in 2012--if you know how to make it work.


Author Mia Pearson makes three points: 


1. Online articles are becoming just as important as print.

For many years, securing a front-page print article has been the holy grail of public relations. While that’s still important, it is equally important to ensure those stories are also shared through online means, and that influential writers for online sites are also a key part of your communications strategy.

2. Expand how you measure impact beyond traditional impressions.

Consider how many retweets, recommendations and comments an article gains. There is huge value in friend-to-friend recommendations and, if articles are being shared on Facebook and retweeted on Twitter, the value is significant. Your company should also be sharing stories and posting to links within your own social networks. Sharing articles that have been written by journalists carries significant weight, and often resonates more than a marketing or ad campaign.

3. Social media can build a great listening and engagement strategy for public relations.

It should be looked at as an opportunity to learn what people think about your products, services and organization as a whole. Review the comment section of news articles for feedback and insight into what consumers are thinking. Leverage that feedback in future announcements, product developments or customer service improvements. The accessibility of news content online via social-media channels is playing a huge role in shaping our daily news cycle and is important to consider as part of your public relations campaigns.

I can help make social media content to drive your public relations campaign--let's talk. 

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Friday Apr. 1, 2011

Take your value proposition up a notch

Drive-throughStep away from the keyboard

Yes, I'm talking to you. You write your own copy. You use spellcheck and it's not your friend--hey, it's not my friend! It misses our mistakes or it adds a few for us. It doesn't catch your vs you're, it vs it's, affect vs effect or that vs which. Those are easy mistakes to make when we're in a hurry. Without a professional check, more problems crop up: you can end up with run-on sentences and cutesy quotation marks "just everywhere." Every mistake takes the quality impression down. Some readers won't know or care--are they your market? Will they pay your price?

I never feel happier than when I know a piece of mine has been edited and proofread before it goes out into the world. You wouldn't go on stage to perform without a rehearsal, would you? It's the same thing.

I belong to a group of writers who meet weekly to critique each other's work. Once they told me two whole chapters of a book I'm writing weren't necessary. I deleted the material and said thank you for the input. When I moved on to the next chapter, I felt more confident because 10 sets of eyes had pored over my work and pointed the way ahead.

I'm not suggesting you join a critique group. I'm suggesting you look for more skilled eyes and not rely on spellcheck. Perhaps you don't need a full-service agency, but copy-writing or editing would help you create a voice that reflects your business and the quality of the work you do, to the type of customer you want to attract.

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Monday Mar. 7, 2011

Read it and learn

Stop this business writing trend in its demoralizing tracks

Thanks to a tweet from fellow writer Susan Crossman, I just read Relationship and Writing in 2011, it's a new game, by Natalie Canavor and Claire Meirowitz. It's an article from the International Association of Business Communicators, (, and one of the troubling points is that some busy executives consider that making requests polite and considerate is "sugar-coating," which says some very dangerous things for the world of business.salute   Your thoughts? What kind of e-mails do you write?

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Thursday Mar. 3, 2011

A great primer for the Internet

20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

For everyone who fakes what they know and don't know about the Internet; who just takes their Web activities for granted, or perhaps has a parent or grandparent who would appreciate a clear explanation of how the Internet works, try this: . Its lucid explanations will help you stop faking, nod in all the right places--and keep you out of trouble too! 



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