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Wednesday Feb. 13, 2013

Ready to find an agent?

As you can see below, I'm not. Patient readers are still going through my novel and some are even sending it back like the copy in the photo, bristling with Post-it Notes. 

Even when I've made the final point of view change and made the last thematic element as subtle or clear as I feel it needs to be, I know I won't be finished.  There will be another step. 


I've been working on this book for two years. I've lived with the story for many more. All my wonderful readers have read it at least once--some more often! Now it's time for someone new. Someone fresh and professional who will see what we have all missed. 


I know some of it will make me smack my head it will be so obvious. I may have said the same things twice. Or described the same character as both short and tall--maybe he was a tall man in his dreams and a short man in his speech? 

There will be more. Much more.  I am never happy until my work sees a good editor.  It helps me sleep better. I can't wait. 


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