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Tuesday Apr. 3, 2012

Is your website starved for content?

I can sympathize. Every site has an appetite that has to be fed—or else. No one wants their site looking dusty when visitors come to call. Can’t you see the cobwebs in the corners when the most recent post is a month old, or nothing has changed since the last time you visited? Do you go back?

I know I don’t. That’s why I’m offering a service for website owners who need content updates, articles and blog posts to keep their sites fresh.

Sitepolish—keeping your website shiny and new!

Here’s how Sitepolish works: we review your need for articles, content updates and editing, and set a very low monthly fee. Low, because it’s regular, so the start-up cost is spread over a longer term than a single payment. Your site is updated as needed with quality content, satisfaction guaranteed. Interested? Let’s talk. 

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