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My favourite persuaders

This is a blogroll by another name: here are some sites and people who write about writing and communicating I’d like to share.


A team puts together this useful site with the option of daily e-mails--the archives provide managers, teachers, writers and students with easy access to grammar, usage, and writing knowledge. There's always something to learn at

I found the sudden appearance of Facebook icons everywhere strange and confusing (was I the only person caught by surprise?). Then I read this:

If you’re new to blogging, stay in touch with How to be a useful, well-read blogger from every vantage point, full of great information, guest posts and resources.


Do you care about punctuation? I do—it’s part of my profession. I don’t expect others to care however, so when I see pieces like this one, I feel less alone!


Seth Godin's blog is great for defining the working relationships we have today. He writes pithy, short items that make you think. Here's what reviewer Richard Pachter had to say about one of Godin's books: Those who are mediocre, unmotivated or just coasting through life will probably not get much from Godin. He is not an elitist, but his message is squarely aimed at those who want to succeed or at least achieve excellence.  

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Smashing Magazine puts out an e-newsletter  for designers from its base in Germany. Keep in touch with the world of design and brand style at:




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