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You can have professional communications.
Whenever you need them. Welcome to the world of persuasion and influence: using creative communications to add value. I've worked in every area of this field, and I can supply the communications skills you need from large-scale consulting to fast-turn-around writing and editing.
My words and pictures grip readers. My copy and creative sell the product. My brand work builds loyalty. When we work together, we measure and evaluate everything I do to make sure it works for you.

Judith Chopra Consulting--just me or me collaborating with a network of professionals I call on for special...

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Ready to find an agent?

posted: Wednesday Feb. 13, 2013

As you can see below, I'm not. Patient readers are still going through my novel and some are even sending it back like the copy in the photo, bristling with Post-it Notes. 

Even when I've made the final point of view change and made the last thematic element as subtle or...

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